About Xhale®

Xhale, Inc. is a medical technology company developing and commercializing patient-centric monitoring solutions for the healthcare industry.

Xhale, Inc. is currently focused on developing two broad technology platforms.


Through its Xhale SMART, Inc. subsidiary, Xhale, Inc. is developing a medication adherence monitoring technology which focuses on monitoring patient adherence to medication regimens established in protocols for investigation drugs in clinical trials.

The system will enable real-time call-backs to the trial participants within a short time after they miss a dose. The anticipated benefits can directly impact the success of drug approval, and help to provide safer, more effective drug development. We intend to initially apply our SMART® technology in the clinical trial market.


Xhale Assurance, Inc., a Philips Company, is developing a patient monitoring technology designed to improve and expand the use of conventional pulse oximetry used in hospitals and other clinical settings to monitor critical patient parameters, as well as to increase the number of parameters which can be measured.

Xhale, Inc.’s first product based on this technology, the Assurance® Alar One-Sense® pulse oximetry sensor, received marketing clearance in the United States in April 2013. The Assurance® Alar One-Sense® pulse oximetry sensor is a disposable sensor placed on a patient’s nasal ala which transmits heart rate and blood oxygenation information to an oximetry monitor.

Xhale Building

Xhale, Inc. was incorporated in Florida in 2005 and reincorporated in Delaware in 2008.

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