Potential Gold Standard for Medication Adherence

Breathing New Life into Medication Adherence

The SMART® system is a platform technology that has applicability across the entire pharmaceutical market, including clinical trials, managed care and disease management, and product life-cycle management.

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XHALE SMART®  |  An Xhale, Inc. Company

Smart® Overview

Our lead product candidate using our SMART® technology is our SMART® Medication Adherence Monitoring System, which is a breakthrough system for measuring, monitoring, reporting, and confirming adherence to prescribed medication regimens.

Unlike other existing approaches, the SMART® system is designed to definitively verify that the right person took the right dose of the right medication at the right time. The SMART® system is patient-centric and noninvasive.

The SMART® Adherence System, is now available for research use in the collection and reporting of definitive treatment adherence data in clinical studies.