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Smart® – Managed Care

SMART has potential applications in Managed Care.  As the health benefits industry moves increasing toward consumer-focused products and processes, Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) may be able to offer their members Xhale’s SMART® drugs to better manage their health.

Xhale’s SMART® drugs can reduce healthcare costs by empowering the MCO members through effective medication reminder/reward systems while empowering the organization through creation of patient adherence records.

A definitive record of patient adherence will allow the physician to provide better care and make more informed decisions, and it will allow the MCO to integrate the SMART® system into reward programs for patients who comply with their medication regimen.

MCOs can provide SMART® versions of drugs for large subpopulations of patients such as diabetes management and hypertension, tying definitive reporting on patient adherence to positive patient rewards.

Physicians caring for patients who are unresponsive to a medication regimen can utilize a SMART® version of a drug, measuring patient adherence before increasing dosage or adding another drug to the regimen.

A mental health specialty practice group managing many outpatient clients on anti-psychotic medications can utilize a SMART® version of the medication to monitor outpatient compliance, and to receive a warning notification if a patient becomes non-compliant.

The SMART System has not been cleared by the FDA for marketing in the managed care market.