Xhale Assurance Announces FDA Approval for Pediatric Indication for the Nasal Alar Sp02 Sensor

GAINESVILLE, FL August 31, 2017 – Xhale Assurance, Inc.

Xhale Assurance, Inc. announced it has received FDA approval for its Nasal Alar Sp02 Sensor for use on patients at least 4 years old and weighing at least 15kg who are well or poorly perfused.  This is in response to clinician demand at children’s hospitals for an accurate, reliable solution to their SpO2 monitoring needs for their pediatric population.

“As a result of the tremendous success of the Nasal Alar Sensor, clinicians continued to ask for a solution for their younger patients.  This new indication allows clinicians in our pediatric facilities to utilize the same technology to provide dependable monitoring in a wide variety of settings and early detection of oxygen saturation changes for patients down to 4 years of age and at least 15 kg”, said John Moscarillo, Vice President at Xhale Assurance.

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About Xhale Assurance

Xhale Assurance, Inc. was founded in 2005 on technology licensed from the University of Florida.  It is focused on developing a patient monitoring technology designed to improve and expand the use of conventional pulse oximetry used in hospitals and other clinical settings to monitor critical patient parameters, as well as to increase the number of parameters which can be measured. Xhale’s first product based on this technology, the Assurance® Nasal Alar SpO2™ pulse oximetry sensor, that received marketing clearance in the United States, is a disposable sensor placed on a patient’s nasal ala which transmits heart rate and blood oxygenation information to an oximetry monitor.

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