Xhale Assurance Issued U.S. Patent on Optimized Gas Supply using Photoplethysmography

GAINESVILLE, August 13, 2014 – Xhale, Inc.

Xhale Assurance, Inc., developer of the Assurance Alar One-SenseTM pulse oximetry sensor, today announced issuance of US Patent US 8755857. This patent expands Assurance’s technology coverage of patient monitoring beyond pulse oximetry.

Monitoring patient parameters on the nasal ala, a site fed by both the external and internal carotid arteries, provides a strong, reliable signal, even when it is difficult to get a signal at the fingertips.

Xhale Assurance’s new patent, entitled “Optimized Gas Supply Using Photoplethsmography,” extends the intellectual property protection for non-invasive monitoring beyond pulse oximetry to other cardiopulmonary parameters including regional blood flow and blood pressure. Claims also include monitoring from other sites in conjunction with monitoring at the nasal ala to provide unique information about shock and other conditions that cause poor peripheral blood flow.

This patent contains 28 claims for sensor designs that include additional sensors and the use of signals obtained at the nasal ala for optimizing oxygenation, oxygen delivery, ventilator settings during mechanical ventilation and blood volume status.

About Xhale

Xhale, Inc. is a medical technology company developing and commercializing patient-centric monitoring solutions for the healthcare industry. Xhale is focused on developing two broad technology platforms. Through its Xhale Smart , Inc. subsidiary, Xhale is developing a medication adherence monitoring technology – the SMART® Adherence System – designed to verify, monitor, report, and improve adherence to medication regimens in clinical trials. The SMART® Adherence System is the only technology designed to offer definitive and noninvasive monitoring of medication adherence in near real-time, utilizing exhaled breath to confirm that medication has been taken as directed. Through its Xhale Assurance, Inc. subsidiary, Xhale is developing a patient monitoring technology – the Assurance® platform – designed to improve and expand the use of conventional pulse oximetry used in hospitals and other clinical settings to monitor critical patient parameters, as well as to increase the number of parameters which can be measured. Xhale’s first product based on this technology, the Assurance® Alar One-Sense™ pulse oximetry sensor, received marketing clearance in the United States. The Assurance® Alar One-Sense™ pulse oximetry sensor is a disposable sensor placed on a patient’s nasal ala which transmits heart rate and blood oxygenation information to an oximetry monitor.


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