Xhale Issued European Patent for Novel Nasal Pulse Oximeter Sensor Configuration

European patent EP1706025 discloses methods and probes for monitoring PPG and pulse oximetry signals across the nasal septum, optionally configured with a cannula to supply oxygen and/or a carbon dioxide sensor.

GAINESVILLE, FL – May 9, 2012

Xhale, Inc., a leading innovator in patient safety solutions, announced today the issuance of European Patent EP1706025, which includes claims to novel probes and methods for monitoring PPG and pulse oximetry at the nasal septum. Such probes may optionally include a cannula for supplying oxygen and/or a sensor for analyzing exhaled gases for carbon dioxide content. The novel probes described in EP 1706025 include features designed to provide improved patient comfort and strong PPG signals, and such features may allow for accurate, reliable detection of both pulse oximetry and respiratory parameters in a single, easy to use probe for spontaneously breathing patients.

The European patent provides additional protection of the Assurance™ sensor line, which is being commercialized by Xhale’s Assurance Biosense division. Richard Allen, CEO of Xhale, commented, “We are pleased to add this European patent to its US counterpart, US 7,024,235, further building our patent portfolio as we bring this technology to the market.”

“There is growing awareness of the great need for a reliable method to monitor ventilation and oxygenation in spontaneously breathing patients,” said Dr. Richard J. Melker, Chief Technology Officer of Xhale. “Opioid analgesics rank among the drugs most frequently associated with adverse drug events, and may cause respiratory depression in post-surgical patients, who often receive them for pain management. The Assurance™ technology protected by EP1706025 and US 7,024,235 can provide a unique solution, capable of monitoring both ventilation and oxygenation.”

About Xhale

Xhale is a medical technology innovator, developing products that transform healthcare and save lives. The company is a world leader in the use of sensors that analyze vapor and exhaled breath and is focused on novel patient-centric monitoring solutions. Its two current product lines under development include SMART™, the world’s only definitive medication adherence monitoring system, and Assurance™, a replacement for conventional finger-based pulse oximetry which will monitor multiple patient parameters from a single-point-of-contact sensor, more comfortably and conveniently than finger-based pulse oximetry with fewer false alarms.

(Note: Certain applications described above have not been reviewed by the FDA, and are therefore labeled for investigational use only).


Download PDF: 2012-05-09 Xhale Issued European Patent for Novel Nasal Pulse Oximeter Sensor Configuration