Xhale’s Assurance Alar/Nasal SpO2 Sensor to be Showcased at Critical Care and Anesthesia Technology Meetings

Xhale Assurance, Inc., developer of the Alar/Nasal SpO2 Sensor, today announced that the company will demonstrate its SpO2 sensor at two conferences during the month of January.  These conferences include:

  • January 7 – 10, 2015: The Society for Technology in Anesthesia 2015 Annual Meeting, Booth #9, Royal Palms Resort, Phoenix, AZ, USA
  • January 17-21, 2015: The Society of Critical Care Medicine 44th Critical Care Congress, Booth #731, Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, AZ, USA

In addition to demonstrating the Alar/Nasal SpO2 Sensor, Dr. Richard Melker, Xhale’s Chief Technology Officer, will be presenting a poster at The Society of Critical Care Medicine 44th Critical Care Congress entitled:  “Nasal Alar Blood Flow is Maintained with Occlusion of Ipsilateral Facial and/or Ophthalmic Arteries.”

Previous meetings of these professional groups have highlighted the widespread problem of current SpO2 technologies and Xhale Assurance will demonstrate the potential of the Alar/Nasal SpO2 Sensor to address the significant need for reliable SpO2 readings.

Assurance’s Alar/Nasal SpO2 sensor applied to the nasal ala detects SpO2 changes faster than a finger-applied sensor, an early response that can be critical for clinical intervention.

 About Xhale

 Xhale, Inc. is a medical technology company developing and commercializing patient-centric monitoring solutions for the healthcare industry. Xhale is focused on developing two broad technology platforms. Through its Xhale Smart, Inc. subsidiary, Xhale is developing a medication adherence monitoring technology – the SMART® Adherence System – designed to verify, monitor, report, and improve adherence to medication regimens in clinical trials. The SMART® Adherence System is the only technology designed to offer definitive and noninvasive monitoring of medication adherence in near real-time, utilizing exhaled breath to confirm that medication has been taken as directed. Through its Xhale Assurance, Inc. subsidiary, Xhale is developing a patient monitoring technology, the Assurance® platform, designed to improve and expand the use of conventional pulse oximetry used in hospitals and other clinical settings to monitor critical patient parameters, as well as to increase the number of parameters which can be measured. Xhale’s first product based on this technology, the Assurance® Alar One-Sense™ pulse oximetry sensor, received marketing clearance in the United States. The Assurance® Alar One-Sense™ pulse oximetry sensor is a disposable sensor placed on a patient’s nasal ala which transmits heart rate and blood oxygenation information to an oximetry monitor.

Xhale, Inc. was founded in 2005 on technology licensed from the University of Florida.

For more information, please visit www.xhale.com/assurance or contact the company at info@xhale.com.